Kizza Lilitu - Fiber artist

Yvng Hag 

For New Orleans based artist Kizza Lilitu slow crafts of the hands are not only one of the most intuitive ways to commemorate and process the seasons of the soul, they’re also a strong symbol of divine feminine creation and personal, powerful capability.  Self-taught from a young age, her methods have become second-nature.  She has perfected the old-fashioned craft techniques of crochet, quilting, macrame and sewing and reapplies them in a contemporary art context.  Her wall-hangings and installations of fabric and yarn create immersive, soft, womb-like environments for viewers to explore and find comfort within.  Through an intuitive meditative process of construction with her hands, Kizza honors a lore which speaks directly to the shifting seasons of the soul and engages the feminine spirit. 

"In every culture around the world there is lore of femme creators spinning the web of time, weavers composing the tapestry of fate, grandmother spider spinning our future, and womxn fabricating, sewing, plaiting, measuring, and cutting the threads of being. 

My craft is simultaneously an act of creation and and act of worship to creator, it is completely cyclical and has delicately taught me what it means to take the role of  God(ess) in my own life. To take full responsibility of the course of my existence while actualizing my awe and reverence to all the womxn creators before me from which I am forged."

Photo by Satori Nightshade

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